Board of Ed Sends MLO Continuation to Ballot

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Posted on 09/01/2020
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Weld Re-3J Board of Education Sends MLO Continuation to November Ballot

The Weld County School District Re-3J Board of Education voted unanimously on August 26 to place a Mill Levy Override (MLO) renewal question on the 2020 ballot. This question is not a tax increase; instead, if approved, the measure will allow the district to continue collecting its existing MLO, approved by district voters in 2016. 

The MLO allows the district to collect an additional $3.3 million per year from local property taxes to address its strategic priorities, including retention of quality teachers, replacement of outdated learning materials and student devices, implementation of  instructional programs such as arts and STEM, and continuation of proper maintenance of district facilities and transportation fleet. The 2016 MLO required a renewal, or it will expire at the end of the 2021-22 school year

“Approval of the district’s Mill Levy Override was critical to the success of our students and retention of our teachers over the past four years,” said Board President Cindy Baumgartner. “This success comes from great community support. The district has engaged community members, staff, and parents over the past four years to ensure that the Mill Levy Override addresses the district’s most important priorities. By approving the MLO continuation, our community can help ensure that our students, families, and faculty will have the resources for safe schools and great academics.”

The MLO is voter-approved, community-based funding of $3.3 million annually that cannot be reduced when or if the state cuts its budget for K-12 education. If the continuation is approved by voters this November, the district can use his funding to make its most critical academic, safety, and staffing budget decisions. Because of reductions in the state of Colorado’s budget, the current school year budget was reduced by more than $1 million, or 5.5 percent. The reductions from the state are expected to continue and possibly grow next fiscal year. 

“Extending the district’s MLO now will provide sustainable funding that the district can count on in these uncertain times and help ensure that students and teachers receive the resources needed for safe and healthy schools and necessary classroom resources,” Baumgartner said.

The 2020 ballot question maintains the same priorities as the 2016 question, while also allowing the district to focus on safe learning environments for students and teachers through safety, security and mental health supports. The Weld and Adams county clerks will be creating the 2020 ballot in the coming weeks and will assign a ballot number to the Re-3J question.