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Weld Re-3J K-12 Innovations provides a unique opportunity for Weld students and families to participate in online learning through  high-quality, standards-based curriculum designed for students to work 100% at home with support from Weld Re-3J teaching staff. Families who choose this online option will continue to be Weld Re-3J students in every aspect. Although we require families to commit to a semester, students may choose to go back to in-person learning in August or January without any disruption to their academic progress.

Attendance Requirements

The Colorado Department of Education requires students enrolled in online schools or programs to meet the same scheduled hours requirements that students at brick-and-mortar schools must meet. Students in grades K-5 spend approximately 480 hours engaged in learning online each semester (approx. 30 hours a week) and 530 hours for secondary students (approx. 35 hours a week). As students work to develop a routine of working online, they will not only achieve more success but also learn more content. Although the nature of an online program allows flexibility, students and families are encouraged to develop a set routine and structured time for learning to ensure students are able to meet the necessary hours for success.

For more information about school attendance requirements visit: https://www.cde.state.co.us/choice/homeschool_attendancelaw 

Communication and Support

K-12  Innovations curriculum and instruction is completed 100% online. Students will be supported by Weld Re-3J teachers through email, phone, and video conference sessions on a regular basis but will not be receiving direct instruction from our teachers. Content is delivered through the online platform. At times, parents may need to participate in virtual meetings or phone calls with their child(ren) and teacher(s). In-person appointments can be made by contacting your child’s teacher(s).  

Parents or guardians will also be expected to participate in a virtual K-12 Innovations orientation before their child can begin content. More specific information will be provided to enrolled families by August 10, 2020. Orientations will be provided August 17 through 21.

Code of Conduct

K-12 Innovations students will be held to the same expectations of behavior and academic performance as students who are obtaining their education through the traditional in-person model. School expectations of behavior and academic performance are outlined in the Student/Parent Handbooks.  Please visit our school-specific websites for handbooks at re3j.com. 

All elementary level K-12 Innovations students can participate in before/after school clubs and extracurricular activities if they desire. Middle and high school K-12 Innovations students will be allowed to participate in Weld Central High School and Weld Central Middle School activities such as sports, clubs, performances, etc. in accordance with CHSAA eligibility rules, unless otherwise specified for individual students. Clubs and activities may be limited during the 2020-21 school year due to health restrictions.

Intervention and Enrichment

Weld Re-3J K-12 Innovations offers supplementary curriculum and online pathways for students in need of intervention, traditional core content instruction, and enrichment. Honors coursework is available for students in grades 6-12 and special or electives such as music, art, physical education, and foreign language are also part of the curriculum. More information about curriculum and courses can be found at the links below:



Internet Safety and Use

Weld Re-3J K-12 Innovations students must use their district email in all their communications and online work. Students are responsible for appropriate behavior on the Internet. Unauthorized access to the system or any action that destroys the data of others or interferes with their usage of the system will be considered an act of vandalism and result in disciplinary action. Individuals who abuse the system or in any way harass other students or vandalize any equipment may also lose their computer privileges and/or be held financially liable for necessary repairs, replacement, or restoration of data or equipment. For more information about Weld Re-3J Internet policies please follow this link.

Graduation Requirements

Students completing high school requirements through Weld Re-3J K-12 Innovations will receive a Weld Central High School diploma.  There is no differentiated diploma for K-12 Innovations students compared to the traditional high school pathway; therefore, all students intending to graduate through the Innovations program must meet the WCHS graduation requirements.  For more information regarding these requirements you can go to our webpage at  https://wchs.re3j.com/cms/one.aspx?pageId=631334


Grades will be entered into Infinite Campus weekly on Mondays. Parents and K-12 students are able to view their grades and progress through Infinite Campus. For more information about how to access the Infinite Campus Parent Portal click here.


Priority for Weld Re-3J K-12 Innovations will be given to students who live within Weld County School District Re-3J boundaries, and proof of address will be required annually. Students in grades 6-12 who were previously enrolled in WC Online will need to fill out the registration form to indicate their desire to continue in online programming. Weld Re-3J K-12 Innovations will replace WC Online for secondary students. However, the online platform will remain the same. There will be no disruption in student’s progress or course completion as a result of the name change and transition to K-12 Innovations.


A separate form must be completed for each child you wish to enroll. Additional information or documents may be requested in order to complete your enrollment. Families will receive confirmation of their enrollment upon completion of the form.



Any additional questions regarding the Weld Re-3J K-12 Innovations can be directed to Jenny Wakeman at jennywakeman@re3j.com or 303-536-2002.

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