A message from your Superintendent…


Construction Projects – Pardon Our Mess!
Each of our schools is in the midst of project completion, from minor maintenance projects to major renovations. In spite of the mess, each school will provide a safe and focused learning environment. We take the responsibility of educating very seriously, so dust and construction noise will not deter us from our priority of teaching. Be sure to check out the most recent Capital Construction Update on our website to see the progress being made at each of your schools. 
Grateful to our Community
As a district, we are grateful to the broad community for investing in this and future generations of students by supporting the 2016 Bond and Mill Levy Override elections. The excitement can be seen in staff and students with each project proceeds.  Through the Mill Levy Override, the district is able to offer new programs, including art at the elementary level, additional electives at the secondary level, and additional intervention and support services for students at all levels. 
In Need of Volunteers
While support in the community is evident, more direct needs exist with parent and community involvement on a more regular basis.  We are thankful to the many volunteers of our Parent Teacher Organizations. Recently these necessary groups have struggled for membership. Please consider how you can support the organizations and, more importantly, the students at your child’s school through volunteering. Additionally, the district always welcomes new members to the School Accountability Committees and the District Accountability Committee.  Please submit interest to any of these groups at
A Great School Year For All!
Our staff has a lot in store for students each and every school day. Attendance is critical to success. We challenge all students and families to make this best attendance year yet. Our full staff is here and dedicated to helping each student succeed. 

Greg A. Rabenhorst, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools